What’s with all that food at the end of a race? That shits bananas.

If you ever run a half-marathon or cheered on someone who has, you know the end of the race looks like snack time at the elementary school. Why would anyone need that many bananas, granola bars, and pizza?

It’s simple

All those runners crossing the finish line just ran for two hours and are exhausted and dehydrated. The end of a race on a hot day is like a bad hangover. At first you think, I totally deserve some pizza right now, that will fix everything. After a couple bites of pizza, you quickly realize your stomach is too uneasy to finish the slice.

What you need is something and easy to digest. Banana and granola bars, enter stage left. You’ve got everything you need, a little protein to aid recovery, a mix of simple and complex carbs to replenish your energy supplies, and some electrolytes to improve that, “I’m going to be sick” feeling.

So remember, the next time you run a race or have a little too much to drink: go for the banana and granola bar first so you can enjoy the pizza later.

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