Things You NEED To Know About Men’s Athletic Shorts

The men’s athletic short is an often-overlooked piece of workout gear

Every guy has their favorite pair, and they think of them like a jeep — utilitarian, rugged, with little thought about how beat-up and dirty they look.

Instead, think of your shorts like a sports car. Lightweight. Built for performance. And definitely head-turning. Dress for the occasion. Are you running a few miles or headed to the gym? How hot or cold is it? Will you be socializing after?

Just as you need different golf clubs, you need different styles of workout gear. Every guy needs three staple pair of shorts in his closet: a 5-inch short, a 2-in-1 short, and a pair to wear lounging around.

The 5-inch short

Wear these shorts to run on hot summer days. This short has a five-inch inseam and a brief liner, so it’s a little shorter than you’d wear out for drinks. They are lightweight and give you the feeling of freedom like never before. This is the short you wear on that long run or on that day you get the crazy idea to run bleachers at the local school.

The 2-in-1 short

Wear these shorts at the gym. With their compression-short liner, they make a great option for those chilly days when it’s too cold for your 5-inch shorts but too warm to work out in pants.

Disclaimer: Not all 2-in1’s are created equal. The type of fabric and construction make all the difference here. The fewer seams in the compression liner, the better!

The loungers

Wear these shorts to your workout if you’re stopping somewhere afterwards. They’re a little longer in length and have no liner underneath. They’re comfortable for, yes, lounging around on a Saturday morning. And they’re stylish for a hike with a date or watching movies at home with a new girlfriend.

Don’t waste all that time you spent at the gym trying to impress her by showing up in a worn-out, holey pair of shorts with your high school mascot on them!

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